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SciMark Founder and President, Jordan Pine

If you have a great idea for a product but aren’t sure how to advertise or profit off it, you need the help of a marketing and advertising company. At SciMark, we have experience advertising for a variety of products and companies, so we can help with whatever product you are trying to sell.


SciMark and Its Founder


SciMark focuses on television commercials that are short and effective. SciMark’s founder and president, Jordan Pine, has experience writing and directing over 150 commercials. He specializes in “As Seen on TV” marketing and has helped popularize many products.


After working for one of the top companies in this industry, Jordan Pine decided to start his own company. He wanted to direct his attention to consultation work as well as writing and directing commercials. Because of his experience with hundreds of products, Jordan Pine can help you advertise and sell your product.


SciMark and Its Services


However, we don’t want to stop at just producing TV commercials. We also want to help you measure and track your sales to ensure that you are using the best possible advertising technique for your product. Advertising can be a difficult industry as it is constantly changing. The advertising methods that worked a couple of years ago for one product might not work today with another product.


At SciMark, we know how frustrating it is to waste money on advertising attempts. That’s why we work with you to produce results based on our experience working for top companies in the industry.


To learn more about SciMark and its founder and president, Jordan Pine, you can call (732) 266-7792 or email jordan@SciMark.com.