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About SciMark

SciMark helps direct-marketing companies create successful advertising campaigns for their products or services. Our main area of focus has been short form (two minute) direct-response television commercials for consumer products. Our specialties include identifying products that are right for this channel of sale (using proven criteria and research), developing commercials that effectively sell those products (using tried-and-true techniques) and creating back-end programs that maximize revenue.


SciMark stands for “scientific marketing” and is an homage to Claude Hopkins, one of the founding fathers of direct marketing. In his seminal works, Hopkins laid out 16 proven laws of scientific advertising.

“Every ad is surrounded by countless appeals. Every effort involves much expense. The man who wins out and survives does so only because of superior science and strategy.”

- Claude Hopkins

This is our core philosophy

Ronnie Neville and Jordan Pine

About Jordan Pine

Jordan Pine is SciMark’s founder and president. During his career, he has helped launch dozens of consumer products, some of which – such as the Finishing Touch and Micro Touch hair removers and the TAC line of tactical-themed products – went on to become household brands. He also helped pioneer two methodologies for identifying winning products that have become industry standards, one involving online consumer research and the other online sales testing. Jordan is the author of The SciMark Report, a popular industry blog with more than 1,200 subscribers. He also publishes monthly and annual industry rankings in partnership with DRMetrix.

Who Wins Does So Only By Superior Science & Strategy